The Sentinel - Artwork for Cypher


The Sentinel - Artwork for Cypher


The not so real Dr. McCoy. First encounter between Jim and Blair.


"You know, for a guy with hyperactive senses you can be really dense." - Blair Sandburg
This pretty much sums up his relationship with Jim Ellison, Sentinel, cop and the world’s most clueless man. For like, the entire run of the series.


"You know, for a guy with hyperactive senses you can be really dense." - Blair Sandburg

This pretty much sums up his relationship with Jim Ellison, Sentinel, cop and the world’s most clueless man. For like, the entire run of the series.

oooh! if youre still taking fic meme prompts, number 31 for exr please?? :)


e/R | (really high class) prostitute/client au

 “Are you free on Friday night?”

Grantaire hasn’t taken on other clients in months, hasn’t had to nor wanted to, but he doesn’t tell Enjolras that. “Let me check my diary,” he says, and goes to folds down the corner of his book to fish out a diary. He’d got into the habit of using one when he did have a list of clients, but it mostly gets listed for things like ‘should run out of food by now, probably go shopping’ these days. “From what time?”

“Four onwards,” says Enjolras. “For the whole evening plus into the night. Black tie affair.”

Grantaire groans.

“I know,” says Enjolras, apologetic even though he’s paying Grantaire extortionate amounts of money for this. “But you work the crowd so well, and it gets the trophy wives off my case.”

“You could always get yourself an actual boyfriend,” says Grantaire.

It’s Enjolras’s turn to groan. “That requires the time and effort to go and date people. Why would I do that when I have you?”

“Well, luckily for you, I am free on Friday. Usual contract things, you know the drill. See you,” says Grantaire lightly. The only thing that makes his ridiculous feelings better is knowing that Enjolras doesn’t bother with sex when he’s not around. He marks it into his diary, even though it’s the only thing he has down for that entire week.

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why nobody’s talking about that


E/R in book : one sided love

E/R in musical : always touching each other during ‘Drink With Me’, no matter what year/cast/production is

E/R in movie : eye-fucking and staring at each other angrily while les amis are left wondering if they’re gonna fuck on the table right in front of them


-To drink or not to drink?-
-Let me drink till I die.-


Jesus: I guess sometimes I just get really sad. You know, because I'm going to die, and everything.
Judas: Well, Jesus, we're all going to die.
Jesus: Yeah, but my way is gonna kind of suck.
Judas: Wait... you know how you're gonna die?
Jesus: I told you about this before. Weren't you listening? With the cross, and the nails, and shit?
Judas: I thought you were just really high.
Jesus: I *was* really high, but I was also dropping some bombs. And the bombs were full of truth. They were *truth bombs*, Judas.
Judas: Don't ruin this moment, man.
Jesus: Dude, if I really wanted to ruin the moment, I'd tell you how *you* are going to kick it.
Judas: You know that, too?
Jesus: Big time. I pretty much know everything. Except, like, math and stuff.
Judas: And how to be a good person.
Jesus: Right.
Judas: ...
Jesus: ...You hang yourself.
Judas: You're an asshole.
Spiritual path.
Jesus: Dude, you have to stop interrupting me when I'm preaching to the people.
Judas: But you keep getting everything wrong! Earlier you spent forty-five minutes discussing how God made Moses live in the belly of a whale!
Jesus: Screw you, I'm the expert on this shit. I practically wrote the damn Bible.
Judas: You don't know a thing. I bet you thirty pieces of silver you can't name the books of the Torah.
Jesus: Sure I can. Genesis. Exodus. New Moon. Eclipse... And... Genesis, again.
Judas: Frankly, I'm amazed you got the first two. Now pay up.
Jesus: To live the spiritual life, you must forsake money, Judas.
Judas: Give. Me. The thirty. Pieces. Of silver.
Jesus: I don't have it, and I wouldn't give it to you if I did.
Judas: I'm getting that money, asshole.
Jesus: Sure, over my dead body!


So I finally beat Pixel People today. \o/

And now I don’t know what to do with my life. /o\

Someone rec me good iPhone games?

Um… I’ve been torturing myself with Nova’s Dream…





A few people have been asking around for the Les Mis US Tour boot, so here it is. Not mine, but reuploaded because I don’t have the original link.

can you upload it to somewhere else… like mediafire or sth?

Okay, it’s up on…

That would be fantastic, thank you!!

here you go https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mgg0bvtc5olms/ but it’s divided into several videos. make sure you download all of them :)

Enjolras & Grantaire stickers art by 犬酉禾

Enjolras & Grantaire stickers art by 犬酉禾

Enjoltaire- Sometimes you just gotta eat taco bell at 2am and cry your feelings out.


“Lookie here Missus.” Grantaire’s words were slurred as he leaned over the counter and deep into the waitresses’s eyes. “I want a number seven with no meat…” he paused, tilting his head and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before continuing. “No meat… no cheese…  and no bread wrapping-paper…” he finished his order, tossing fifty dollars onto the counter. “And my change in quarters.”

Enjolras just stared at the man with a look of disgust and fury on his face. He didn’t exactly think that Grantaire really knew that he had basically ordered a plate of lettuce and tomatoes.  Once ‘Taire had wandered away to get his drink, Enjolras hurriedly went and fixed the order, apologizing profusely to the barista before bringing the taco back to his inebriated friend.

Grantaire was laying in the booth, making cooing noises at the Chihuahua logo on the saltshaker. The taco landed with a dull thud in front of him with Enjolras threw it on the table.

“No need to be rude, fussypants.” Grantire crooned at the blonde, taking a large bite of his order. “Taco bell is an art. This is a mosque. Calm the fuck down.” He ordered, waving Enjolras off.

“Grantaire, it is two am. You dragged me out of my bed to drive you to taco bell because you were too drunk and sleeping in my goddamn hedge.” Enjolras sighed. “Why the hell didn’t you wake Eponine up? You two are roommates, for fuck’s sakes!” he pointed out.

“She had Cosette over for the night.” Grantaire explained. “There’s no way I’m waking up a cuddling gay couple for tacos.” He had finished his food in a few quick bites and was now licking his fingers. Enjolras rolled his eyes and started to get up. Just as he was getting his coat on, his dark-haired friend burst into tears.
“NooOOooOo stay with meeEee…” he drawled, looking at Enjolras.

It wasn’t exactly a secret to any of the Amis that Grantaire had a thing for Enjolras. Even the marble man  himself knew it, but he’d never recognize it out loud. He sighed and picked Grantaire up from the collar of his shirt. “Cmon, ‘Taire. Let’s get you home.”

“NooOOo I looove you.” His words were getting more and more slurred.

“Don’t say anything you’re going to regret in the morning. Get in the car.” Enjolras was holding open the passenger door to his shiny red truck, and his friend sadly crawled in.

“I love you Enjolras. And no amount of liquor is going to change that.” Grantaire rested his head against Enjolras’ shoulder.

And for a second, Enjolras almost believed him.